Emerging: China Plans Taiwan Invasion By Early June

Mike Leslie
May 24, 2024

Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman, Wang Wenbin, says, "Taiwan independence forces will be left with their heads broken and blood flowing."

Inputs that matter: According to the Global Press, "The Taiwanese Coast Guard and Chinese Navy are currently having a standoff in the Taiwan Strait."

  • Earlier this month, China President Xi Jinping reasserted China's territorial claim on democratic Taiwan.
  • Xi claims Taiwan as a province of China and has sworn to annex it by force if necessary, reports The Guardian.

The opportunity: The G7's concern is China's growing military and the threat it poses to Taiwan, just over 100 km (62 miles) from Japanese territory. This includes the region's strengthened alliances between China, Russia, and North Korea.

  • As a result, the U.S. has strengthened military ties with Japan.
  • U.S. President Biden has agreed not to support Taiwanese independence but insists on sanctions with China.

Zoom in: Last year, the U.S. secured access to four new staging sites in the Philippines, three of which were part of this year's Balikatan exercises.

  • "It will be the first time the mega drills are being carried out beyond Philippine territorial waters," said Michael Logico, a Philippine army colonel overseeing the exercises.
  • Commodore Roy Vincent Trinidad, a spokesman for the Philippine Navy, said the message that the Philippines wants to broadcast is simple: "We are not alone. And we're ready to defend our sovereign rights."

Between the lines: Taiwan scrambled jets and put missile, naval, and land units on alert Thursday over Chinese military exercises around the self-governing island democracy where a new president took office this week.

  • China's military said its two-day exercises around Taiwan were punishment for separatist forces seeking independence.
  • Beijing claims Taiwan is part of China's national territory, and the People's Liberation Army sends navy ships and warplanes into the Taiwan Strait and other areas around the island almost daily to wear down Taiwan's defenses and seek to intimidate its people, who firmly back their de facto independence.

Follow the money: "China has had success in presenting itself as a security stakeholder in the region, and this is certainly of concern to Canberra, Wellington, and Washington, who view China's security interests in the Pacific as disruptive and indicative of China's broader interests," Anna Powles, an associate professor in security studies at Massey University in New Zealand, told Voice of America.

  • Meanwhile, Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin doubled down on their alliance against the West, accusing the United States and the G7 of trying to block their nations' rise during the Kremlin leader's two-day official visit to China.
  • The aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan (CVN-76) is now operating in the Philippine Sea.

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