Unparalleled Heat, Fire, And Scary Blackouts

Mike Leslie
June 21, 2024

On Friday, a significant power blackout hit Montenegro, Bosnia, Albania, and most of Croatia's Adriatic coast.

Inputs that matter: The power cut was reported to have started in Montenegro and then hit Bosnia and Herzegovina, parts of Croatia, including the Dalmatia region and northern Albania.

  • Montenegro power distributor CEDIS said "network outages" had cut power over most of the country.
  • State TV HRT reported that traffic ground to a halt in the Croatian coastal city of Split after the lights failed.
  • Ambulance sirens rang out across the city, it added.
  • Albania's Top Channel TV cited unnamed sources saying an interconnector had failed in Montenegro, though there was no official confirmation.

The opportunity: "The Montenegrin Electric Transmission System, CGES, in cooperation with colleagues from the surrounding area, is working to solve the problem and ensure energy supplies for all consumers in Montenegro," Asanovic told Montenegrin daily newspaper Vijesti.

  • Health authorities and meteorologists in Belgrade declared a "red" weather alert and advised people not to venture outside.
  • Deadly heatwaves are scorching cities on four continents as the Northern Hemisphere marks the first day of summer.
  • Meanwhile, rolling blackouts swept across Oahu on Monday night were caused by a chain of storm-related events that all occurred around the same time, according to Hawaiian Electric.

Zoom in: In Hawaii, heavy rains flooded one of the eight power-generating units at the Waiau plant and damaged another unit, knocking out 100 megawatts of the oil-fired electricity produced at that Central Oahu facility, spokesman Darren Pai said.

  • This prompted Hawaiian Electric to publicly announce Monday that, for the first time in almost exactly nine years, rolling blackouts might have to occur on Oahu starting at 5:30 p.m.
  • Customers responded by reducing their power use, ensuring that the blackouts didn't need to start at that time.
  • On Wednesday, Pai noted that the 180-megawatt coal-fired plant operated by AES had not prevented rolling blackouts from occurring on Oahu in the past when it was still operating.

Between the lines: Despite the current issues, local regulators have previously criticized Hawaiian Electric officials for not having sufficient renewable energy projects ready to replace the AES plant.

  • NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang said the electric grid and the utilities managing it will play an essential role in the next industrial revolution, which will be driven by AI and accelerated computing.
  • Huang said, "The greatest impact and return is applying AI in delivering energy over the grid."

Follow the money: A dangerous, widespread heat wave has unfolded for millions across the U.S. and parts of Canada this week, even eclipsing the 100-degree Fahrenheit mark in some cities as electric prices are at an all-time high.

  • "The increased demand for cooling will be a problem here. This could impact the power grid," AccuWeather Chief Video Meteorologist Bernie Rayno said.

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