Responsible AI

Last updated March 2024

Banananomics Commitment to the Responsible Use of AI

Leveraging advanced technologies like causal and generative AI enables Banananomics to deliver news and reports on global economic issues beyond what humans can do alone. However, we do so with an ongoing commitment to privacy, security, and ethics.

Innovating to serve humans

We take a value-driven approach to building AI-enabled news technology. We only leverage AI and other technologies to address challenges in reporting global economic events.

Safeguarding user trust

People trust us, and we earn their trust by ensuring data security and privacy at the core of our business. This includes news void of opinion due to the single source of truth we created in the global market graph.

Developing a news with intention

We build AI models with checks and balances to prioritize privacy, safety, and fairness. We rigorously evaluate our work to anticipate its impact on our users and communities.

News for humans

While AI creates the report, the news we publish is for humans. Banananomics takes responsibility for all content, with articles designed to inform, analyze, and explain—never a platform for incitement or argument.